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Web Development Suite

Web Development Suite

Price :Rs : 40000 Rs

Web Development Suite is a comprehensive training program that equips candidates with the all the necessary tools and techniques of web development with extensive practice in coding of functional web applications. This program provides training on a series of server-side and client-side programming languages and techniques to develop websites that are more responsive to the audience, thereby generating greater user engagement. The programming languages covered here are highly scalable and can be used with great ease while creating web applications, writing codes and in serving web pages. Using cascading style sheets such as CSS and CSS3 for controlling web page layouts enables the development of pages that are more user friendly for scree-reader users. Client-side scripting languages such as JavaScript entailed here enable the creation of interactive effects among the web browsers.

Fundamentals Of Ajax Development

  • What Is Ajax
  • How To Execute Ajax

Fundamentals Of CSS

  • What Is CSS
  • Using Style Sheets
  • External Style Sheets
  • Styling Elements
  • Text Formatting & Properties

Fundamentals Of CSS3

  • What Is CSS3
  • Border Radius, Image
  • Box Shadow
  • Background Size
  • Text Shadow
  • Custom

Introduction to HTML

  • What is HTML
  • HTML Documents
  • Basic structure of an HTML document
  • Creating an HTML document
  • What are HTML Tags and Attributes?
  • HTML Tag vs. Element
  • HTML Attributes:
  • How to differentiate HTML Document Versions


Elements of HTML

  • Introduction to elements of HTML
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Lists, Tables and Frames
  • Working with Hyperlinks, Images and Multimedia
  • Working with Forms and controls.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)


CSS Basics: Introduction to CSS: Why Use CSS

  • Basics of CSS
  • Utility of CSS
  • Editors to use for CSS
  • Testing across different browser
  • Referring CSS in HTML file
  • Steps to Validate CSS


CSS Components: CSS Syntax

  • Parts of CSS Rule
  • Explaining Selectors (Grouping & Type)
  • Illustrating Declaration Block
  • What is Property and Value
  • Detailing Keywords(Auto, Multiple & String)
  • Different Lengths
  • Relative Units (px, em, ex, %) in CSS
  • How to use Numbers in CSS
  • Explaining Colors in CSS
  • URL() usage
  • Quirks Mode in CSS


Selectors: Using CSS Classes and IDs

  • Selector Basics
  • Explaining Tag Selectors
  • Detailing Class Selector
  • Illustrating ID Selectors
  • What are Group Selector
  • Details on HTML Hierarchy
  • Explaining Descendant Selector
  • What are Universal Selector


 Advanced Selectors: CSS Pseudo Elements

  • Illustrating Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-Elements
  • Detailing Pseudo-Classes for Links
  • Explaining Direct Child Selectors
  • What is Next Sibling Selector
  • Attribute Selectors in CSS
  • What are Pseudo-Elements :First-Letter And :First-Line
  • Advanced Pseudo-Classes in CSS

Cascade and Inheritance

  • Basics of Inheritance
  • Why Inheritance to use
  • Inheritance Rules in CSS
  • Cascade in CSS
  • CSS Specificity: An Overview
  • What is Specificity?
  • Explaining Specificity hierarchy
  • Finding Selector’s Specificity
  • Usage of !important

Applying Font Formatting: Styling Text, Font, and Properties

  • Font Formatting Basics
  • Font-Family
  • Font Combinations
  • Font-Style
  • Font-Weight
  • Text-Transform
  • Text-Decoration
  • Font-Variant
  • Font Size
  • Font Shorthand

Text Display Control: Using Borders and Height and Width CSS Properties

  • Text Display Basics
  • Line-Height
  • Letter-Spacing
  • Word-Spacing
  • Text- Indent
  • Text Align
  • White Space Property
  • Adding Color to Text

Page Background: Styling Page Backgrounds

  • Background Basics
  • Background-Color
  • Background-Image
  • Background-Repeat
  • Background-Position
  • Background-Attachment
  • Background Shorthand

CSS Box Model: Set Up Web Pages with CSS

  • Box Model Basics
  • Margin
  • Margin Collapsing
  • Margin for Horizontal Alignment
  • Border
  • Padding
  • Height and Width
  • IE quirks mode
  • Min and Max Dimensions
  • Overflow Property


  • Float Basics
  • Float Property
  • Clear Property
  • IE 6 Float Bugs
  • Bug Removal Technique
  • Vertically Aligning Content

Positioning: Positioning Elements

  • Positioning Basics
  • Positioning Introduction
  • Relative Positioning
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Fixed Positioning

Styling Lists: Styling Lists in CSS

  • List Styling Basics
  • List Tags
  • List-Style-Type Property
  • List-Style-Image Property
  • List-Style-Position Property
  • List-Style Shorthand Property

Styling Tables

  • Table Styling Basics
  • Table Elements
  • Captions
  • Columns
  • Table Layout
  • Borders Collapsing
  • Border Spacing

Print Styling

  • Print Styling Basics
  • Print Style Sheets Advantages
  • Applying Styles Based On Media
  • The @media rule
  • Page Breaks
  • Content Property
  • Print Style Sheets Tips

Customizing styles

  • Customizing Basics
  • Custom Fonts
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Custom Mouse Cursor
  • Custom Opacity
  • Custom Visibility





Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is the programming language of the Web! In this JavaScript module you will learn How to write JavaScripts and insert them into your HTML documents, and how to make your pages more dynamic and interactive.

  • Fundamentals Of JavaScript
  • What Is Javascript
  • Internal Vs. External 0
  • Java Scripting Guidelines
  • The Document Object Model
  • String object
  • Array object
  • Date object
  • Math object
  • Window object
  • Image object

Fundamentals Of jQuery

Jquery is a Multi-browser Java script web based Applications. Jquery Training Design and develops web applications. In this we learn Html5, Jquery library, Script Based Applications.

  • Introduction
  • What Is jQuery
  • Installing jQuery
  • Basics
  •  Selectors
  • How to use Selectors?
  • DOM Attributes
  • DOM Traversing
  • CSS Methods
  • DOM Manipulation Methods
  • Effects
  • AJAX
  • JSON

Fundamentals Of MySQL

  • What Is SQL
  • Setting Up A Database
  • Introducing phpMyAdmin
  • Connecting To A Database
  • Creating A Table And Columns
  • Inserting Information
  • Cleaning Information
  • Pulling Info From A Database
  • Limits And Ordering Data
  • Updating Rows
  • Deleting Rows
  • Secure Your Password
  • Finishing Upv

Fundamentals Of MySQL

  • Introduction
  • Variable and constants
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • Loop constructs
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • File Handling
  • Database
  • Cookies management
  • Session
  • Forms


  • Introduction
  • Explaining the need and evolution of PHP
  • Illustrating the various assignment, arithmetic, comparison and string operators
  • Describing the usage of Comments and the Script Life cycle in PHP
  • Variable and constants
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • Loop constructs
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • File Handling
  • Database
  • Cookies management
  • Session
  • Forms

Introduction to CodeIgniter

  • Introduction To The Course
  • Let’s Learn CodeIgniter
  • Working With the MySQL Database
  • How to Build A Basic Website With CodeIgniter

How to Build a CMS with PHP

  • Introduction And Getting Started
  • Creating A Database
  • Creating The Article Index
  • Creating The Article View Page
  • Building A Control Panel To Manage Content
  • Creating Article Posting Functionality
  • Deleting CMS Articles

How to Set Up PayPal Instant Payment Notification with PHP

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up PayPal IPN With PHP
  • Security Concerns

Learn Python Django From Scratch

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Django
  • Creating a User Authentication System
  • E-Commerce
  • File Uploading, Ajax and E-mailing
  • Geolocation and Map Integration
  • Django Power-Ups Services and Signals
  • Testing Your Site


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